OTHS turns 1! 11/24/18 (Small Business Saturday)

Websters defines ‘overwhelmed’ as: to overcome completely in feeling.

That is exactly what we are experiencing on our one year anniversary. As we reflect on all of our customers’ generosity and support shown to us over the past 12 months, two words sum it up, THANK YOU!

Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts as without you there is no us. We promise to continue to provide the best products and services possible. And even though in today's technological world where so many things can be purchased online, we appreciate your smiles and hope you appreciate ours as well 😊


~ Adam & Noelle

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Sample Local Wines 🍷

This month we are featuring:

🍷 White Cranberry (Powell Village Winery - Powell Village, OH)

🍷 Trinity Red Blend (South River Vineyard - Geneva, OH)

🍷 Spiced Riesling (Grape & Granary- Akron, OH)

🍷 Lake Effect Hard Cider (The Winery at Spring Hill - Geneva, OH)

$1.50 per tasting. 4 tastings maximum (state law). Purchase a bottle of wine, your tastings are 99 cents each. Thursdays: 99 cent tastings! 

Taste of Vino at On The Hunt Specialties 🍷

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